Main (top) Pum June 17 1992

Here is an explanation of the mysterious fields of the Main Pum.
This Pum holds the values of lots of defaults and some other info.
The number in the first column is the Arexx field Id number.
        Vertices        the number of vertices
        Vectors         the number of Vectors
        Links           the number of links (internal icons)
        Names           (counts name icons... unused!)
        Modes           (inoperable)
        Models          the number of saved Model vectors
(use PumTop rexx command to get to these)
#1      Working Time    The "SMPTE time" dimension of the work screen

#2      Dflt Vert X     Default value for X
#3      Dflt Vert Y     Default value for Y
#4      Dflt Vert Z     Default value for Z
#5      Dflt Vert R     Default value for R
#6      Dflt Vert M     Default value for M

#7      R & M Clamp value Clamp value for Radius and Mass
#8      Dflt KeyFrms    Default Number of frames at Key Frame creation

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#9      OPTION 1        Vee file Compression option (0 or 1)
#10     Pen Number      Default Pen Number at Pen creation time
#11     Pen Parm1       Default Pen Option number at Pen creation time

#12     Red            Default Red at Color creation time
#13     Green          Default Green at Color creation time
#14     Blue           Default Blue at Color creation time
#15     Transparency   Default Transparency at Color creation time

This color is used as Pen 10 and 11's edge

#16     Red            Default Edge Red
#17     Green          Default Edge Green
#18     Blue           Default Edge Blue
#19     Transparency   Default Edge Transparency
#20     FPS            Frames-Per-Second

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The Radius and Mass defaults also react with the "Distance to
Mass and Radius" raw mouse pen. They multiply the distance
between mouse points by some constant and themselves to give the
final radius and mass. This number is "clamped " to the clamp value. 
To get an idea of the scale of these numbers, remember that the 
origin mark is a hypercube 1x1x1x1x1x1.

"Option 1" can be set to 1 to turn on a data reduction scheme for
saving .vee files:  in scheme #1, "Z" is forced to 0 and "M" is
forced to be the same as "R", thus providing a 1/3 savings in
vertice-heavy .vee files (since z and M aren't that popular).

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