Rendering Pens control for Vapor Paint Aug 25 1992

Officially supported rendering pens:

0001 Flat feather    VC option changes time density

0002 Flat Pen - Line VC just a 1-pixel line: option ignored

0003 Blend Pen Dots  VC blends in squares (obsolete)

0004 Squares Pen     VC draws squares     (obsolete)

0005 Clear Screen    clears to CL opt=1:dither screen (in B&W only)

0006 Flat Pen/options draws orthogonally to line direction:
        options are bits and must be added:
         +1: 4-times denser
         +2: blend meekly in place
         +4: finger-blend pattern (with 2 on)
          or 1/4 transparency (otherwise)
         +8: random pattern
        +16: edge color blends to color from both sides
        +32: color blends to edge color
        +64: 2x2 "pixel"
        +128: Finger-blend+color*transp

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0007 Grow Feather Pen just like 1, but length is proportional
                to "within key frame time"

0008 NoTwistFlat Pen : same as 6, but preserves first

0009 Scan pen   draws lozengesfor each segment of a vector.
                options are bits:
         +1: double-density
         +2: shade color to edge
         +4: shade color away from edge
         +8: alter transparency from center

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0010 Area pen  Fill an area.
         +1: means draw line around edge.
         +2: Turns on feature to allow multiple rendering
         +4: with 2,renders the multi-vector area, allowing "holes"
         +8: with 2,uses intervening vectors to define the fill area.
 discontiguous fills start with +4 on, end with +4 off.
 e.g. 10/10, v,v,v,v,v,v,10/14 and 10
       +256: edge color at top to real color at bottom grade fill
       +512: Blend this area
      +1024: per scanline edge color to color interpolation

0011 Flat Pen + Area Same as 10/0, but uses 06 pen for edge and options.
     This can use area fill options +256 and +512, etc.

0012 Set Edge Color  sets color for 10 and 11's edges.

0013 Seed Fill  Pen  seed fills at each vertice.

0014 Feather Mass Pen: same as 1, but mass becomes transparency!

0015 Flat Area Pen: same shape  as 6, but rendered in blocks of area fill
     This can use the same fill options as pen 11. Note the areas are 
     "Quad-sized" to allow overlap and curling!

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0016 (in development) Clip-tween pen
     argument is the clip number to bend. This will copy the
     clip, look for the last note vector and use its endpoints 
     as a straight backbone to be bent by the interpolated vector.

0017 Web pen: parm is the number of subdivisions (0 means 20). This
     pen interpolates (pen #2-style) lines between adjacent vt's.

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