General Requirements Vapor Paint Jan 9 1992


Vapor paint currently uses the FFP math library, and its
associated MathTrans.library.

Vapor Paint requires Arp for its file requester.

Vapor Paint does not require ARexx, but will run with it. If so,
ARexx needs the IEEE math libraries and the Arexx support libraries.

Vapor Paint would like a directory assigned to "VFiles:" for
saving its control files, and VFrames:  for the deposition of the
finished frame files.
< it may want VPage:  for paging memory during rendering>

You should probably get as much memory as you can, to hold the
large amount of frame construction data and bitplanes. This version
wants at least 455 K for itself and its work areas, and more when you
start building frames and then even more when rendering - for the
bitplanes and screens!

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