General Specs Vapor Paint Jan 20 1991

Some Specs:

Color is defined with 64-bit (r,g,b,transparency all WORD length).
This is knocked down to an intermediate color (usually 24-bit) and
finally selected to an appropriate choice by the rendering stage.

Each vertice is 6-dimensional, and in floating point (FFP):
Time-stamp, X,Y,Z, Radius, Mass.
The time stamp is expressed in seconds, quantized to the 
vertical blank.

The workspace is arbitrarily limited in zoom to +/- 9 levels. (2^18)

Frame-time is expressed as a floating point number of frames.
This kind of time is expressed as HH:MM:SS:FF. (SMPTE format)
This format uses 30 frames per second, non-drop frame.

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