State of the program Apr 10 1991

Note that even a help file like this can get out of synch 
with the current version. That's why I put a date in the headings.

Here are some major features which almost work:

Complete Arexx control: all keyboard commands and "raw mouse"
moves can be sent from AREXX, but not yet received as ARexx 
results.(Almost there, though! see REXX RVI. I only need a
method of in-place replacement of vertices... )

Pum gadgetry:  Pum numericals are supposed to act like slider
gadgets with the right button.  Numbers are supposed to be input
into the "current" button.  A "list interface" menu, bit-setting
gadget and "real text" input gadget are needed.  The "other Pums"
need to be developed i.e the Whole command list PUM (for making
macros).  Also a Color requester.  See Fixes for exciting news on
this subject!  

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The color renderer is quite ugly, and so maybe an analyzing
version is in order (or replacement..) to render with nicer color.
I like the dithering a lot in monochrome rendering.  At least I
make IFF 24 files for use by HAM-E and other devices. (and HAM-E
itself as well..)

There  may  even  be  a  Q&D  color renderer which actually has no
smoothing/merging  stage,  but  only  renders  to  the screen with
blitter commands.

Let's not forget the 3d-rendering and Mass usage I've promised for
a  year.   Mass  needs  a reference "mass" to base the pressure on
(after  all,  it's floating point!) similar to the "Clamp" concept
for radius.  Nor the Music renderer I've been touting.
(Actually, I've got the WrAud PI module to do music..) 

The file format may need to change to accomodate better objects.
This will make some new features available, like perhaps bitmap
support as brushes, fills or morphable objects. 

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