Steve Mason

Founding Convention Poem
After The Reading Of The Names

Jim Heck

Killed Some V.C.

Jon Forrest Glade

The Dark Side Of The Moon
The Weight Of The Sheets
Blood Trail * Card Tricks

David Willson

Frogs Sympathy
A Fragment Of Memory--1965
Bone In The Soil * Alms For The Burned
My War Dreams

Robert Schlosser

Buffalo Induction/Essay
First Night In Thailand * Plane Down
Nightmare Fair * Fear Of Sky Death
Jukebox Soul Brain * Learn

W.D. Ehrhart

A Relative Thing
To Those Who Have Gone Home Tired
The Invasion Of Grenada * Letter
Midnight At The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Andrew Gettler

American Koan
The Old Guard
Toi Com Biet
Linda's Poem

Bill Shields

Wife Abattoir
Hell Must Be Full--The Dead Are Walking The Earth
Floorplan To A Lease * For My Daughers
There Is No Metaphor For The Pain
Tour Of Duty * We Circle One Another
Straight From The heart
Sucking In The Blues Through A Chipped Nose
The True Taste Of An Asshole

Jerome Gold

What I Saw

David Connolly

Tet, Plus Twenty four * It Don't Mean Nothing
Died In Vietnam * On Veteran's Day
The Little Man * Why I Can't
In His Father's Footsteps

Kevin Bowen

First Casualty * West Of Tay Ninh
Willie, Dancing * Guard Duty, Ben Hoa, 1963
Nui BA Den; Black Virgin Mountain
Temple At Quan Loi, 1969
Body Count: The Dead At Tay Ninh

B.D. Trail

Hazardous To My Health
Our Lady Of The Flies
With My Shield Or On it
The Grenading

Dock Burke

Version of B. D. Trail's Obituary

Jabuya Dragonsun

War Songs

Gary Rafferty

Last Asylum
Diplomatic Recognition
Prayer For The First Casualty
Long Time, No See

Richard Levine

Pete Sweeney Of Prospect Park
A War Story

Pauline Hebert

Intrusive Thoughts * Essay
Shock * Vacation
Luck * The Girl I Was

Gary Imlay

A Child Of God
Walking Point

Bill Jones

The Body Burning Detail
Five Days Home

Rod McQueary

Breaking Chains

Don Blackburn

I Am Here To Tell You

Larry Winters

War Milt
Old men Are Bastards

Victor Bausch

Liberation * Perimeter

Horace Coleman

Cracks In The Wall
Talking And Toking
Ok Corral East * Exiled In America
Flash Foward

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