The year 2001 couldn't have started on a better note.The Saturday Nite Bazaar launched the millennium edition of my Goa Freaks book.(printed in Goa!) I made a speech, then sold and signed books at a special table. The printer sat with me and explained that the launch was delayed because they had to redo the map of India to include Kashmir. What a great night!

The next week , Ingo set up a stall for me to sell books from his store, and of course my book plus my CD "Goa: From Goa Freaks to Goa Trance." The CD contains videos of events and people mentioned in the book, all set to Goa Trance music.

CD! Ack! What a job! What do I know about vending? And people tried to bargain with me as if I were selling fish. I had to be a policewoman, watching that nothing got stolen. Then a maid, when people left their beer bottles on my tables. But the worst was dying to pee and having no one to cover for me.

Except this guard who came around just in time to prevent an accident

So don't expect to find me at the Bazaar selling books ever again. Whew!

Pumpkin and Cleo 2001