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  Follow these instructions and you'll animate something. You won't know
WHY it works, but it will work! If you want to know, look at the keyword
in the square brackets and hit the button with that key word. Simple? I
dunno! Read Concepts anad  Glossary for a start.

What To Do            Why                              Where
----------            -----------------------------    --------
type k                Clears The Screen(w/requester)   [Keys]
type 8                turns on radius view(toggle)     [Keys]
type F2               Selects Drawing Tools            [Keys],[Mouse]
type F10              Sets variable width Tool         [Keys],[Mouse]
  draw something      Art for Art's sake               [Mouse]
type Up Arrow         go to the Key Frame Icon         [Keys]
type Alt-Return       Go "inside" the icon             [Icons]
type 8                Set Number of inbetweens to 8
type y                accept the new number

 Refresh the screen by hitting the space bar if you want to.
 You don't have to wait for it to finish to pan and zoom.
 Pan and zoom via the keypad keys:
     8,4,6,2 for pans, 1,3 for zoom, 7,9 for turns, 5 for "standard view"
     . for "make mouse the center of the screen"  

  Go to next page to see how to make more frames!

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How To Make A Second Frame 2 of 4

  (set up a nice vector editing environment)
type shift 2          "Blues" non-current frames(toggle)   [WorkScreen]
 Where new vectors correspond with old, it will be white.
type F4               Selects Editing Tools
type F6               Sets ReDraw Tool                     [Mouse]

type f                Creates a copy in a new Key Frame    [Keys]
type down arrow       move to key frame contents           [Keys]
type right arrow      pass the Pen Icon                    [Icons]
type right arrow      pass the Color Icon                  [Icons]

do this over and over:
 draw new position for this vector                         [Mouse]
 If you like it, use right arrow to go to the next one, or select it
 by using the right mouse button on on of its endpoints    [Mouse]
 To Refresh the screen , hit the space bar.

 Go to next page to do animations: 

 You may want to experiment with the pen types...go to the pen icon
 using the arrow keys and type alt-return. Try type 6, option 68
 or type 15,option 0 or type 9 option 8. Play with the colors
 the same way (colors are red,green,blue,transparency 0-65535)

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How To Animate ! 3 of 4

type shift-/      Sets the end frames renedering time to the current time
type a            creates an in-core animation based on your key frames

type alt-\        hides all but the rendering plane, shown as black
type alt-=        starts animation (toggle)
    you can stop it and reset the colors with space bar

                 Really rendering it
type shift-up arrow  go to the Animation Icon              [AnimPum]
type alt-Return      go inside the Icon
type 4 tabs or click Renderer field get ready to change renderer option
type 4               change to renderer 4(B&W),24(color),   [Renderers]
                     34 (IFF24),44(Ham-e B&W),54(Ham-E color)
type y               Accept this change
type shift-A         Starts real renderer: you need to tell it where
                     to put the frames.
When done you can use makeanim, Dpaint or a number of other tools to 
turn the frames into an animation!

To Save the vapor paint file .vee file ,       type s
To Load a vapor paint .vee file,               type l
To Quit                                        type Q or Esc
           Even more follows on next page!

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Animating views 4 of 4

type 7                set see-view mode(toggle)               [WorkScreen]
type shift-5          set work animate through view mode(toggle)

type shift-up arrow   go to the top of the animation          [Icons]
type down arrow       go to Sequence 0
type down arrow       go to View 0

type F2               set Draw Mode
type F6               set Default tool

 draw a line. the endpoints of the line will be the centers of the left
 and right of the new view. Animations done now will use this new view.

   want to animate the view?
type alt-return       go into the view icon
type 8                set 8 frames to the next view keyframe
type y                accept it

repeat till satisfied..
 type f                duplicate this view
 draw a new line to move the new view..

type shift-/          set new end of animation to current time [keys]
type a for work animation, shift-a for "real animation"

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