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It is probably not hard to notice that there is no city in the world I love like New York city.  But that can't be surprising as there are no other cities in the world like New York City.

The rest of the links on this page are ones that I just happen to like or I think are useful.

Need information and don't know where to look:

Tradewave Galaxy

Forgot a birthday, virtual bouquets can't be beat.

Want to reach out to a friend, a virtual postcard lets them know you are there.

Looking for a person who might be reachable on the net.

Need a laugh:

David Letterman's Top Ten List
All Web Comics


Are you a Palm Pilot devotee: (if you aren't you should be)

Tucows software site


Want to meet the greatest group of people you could ever spend time with (IMHO), join . Sign on and buckle up, cause you are in for one hell of a ride.




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