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Amanda--otherwise known as Petrila Panda Bear or my favorite (and only) niece in the whole world.  Many is now about to turn 11 and is still the most beautiful little girl I have ever known.  I say this in case she didn't know.

                        And in case Mandy is reading this:

                            I love you forever
                            I'll like you for always
                            As long as I'm living
                            My nieceeeee you'll be!


Joey--otherwise known as YoYo and is my first nephew in the whole world. With him is none other than myself, otherwise known as "shrink."  Joey is now a 9 and is so full of energy I need a nap just thinking about him.  He is into Pokeman and Gameboy Color games.


Dylan  (awaiting pictures)
Joshua  (awaiting pictures)
soon to be born niece or nephew (they won't tell me)