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Gay, Lesbian, and Feminist Bookstores On-Line:

A Different Light / New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco
Afterwords / Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Beyond the Closet / Seattle, Washington
A Brother's Touch / Minneapolis, Minnesota
Elysium Press / North Pomfret, Vermont
Full Circle Books / Albuquerque, New Mexico
Glad Day / Boston, Massachusetts
Little Sister's Book & Art Emporium / Vancouver, British Columbia
Once Upon A Time / Bloomington, Illinois
The Open Book / Sacramento, California
Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookshop / New York, New York
OutinPrint.com / Houston, Texas
Outlooks Outbooks / Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Sisters and Brothers / Albuquerque, New Mexico

Other Online Bookstores:

Anybook from BookServe International
Barnes & Noble
Bookwire's List of Stores
Priapean Tomes

AOL Subscribers:

Lambda Rising Bookstore
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