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We want to encourage you to buy books from your local gay/lesbian & feminist booksellers as well as supportive independents. For the past 30 years, these stores have been the primary outlet and major support for gay/lesbian writing and, in turn, they deserve our patronage. Most stores are willing to special order any in-print book, if the title you are looking for is one that they don't have in their stock.

Click here for a directory of bookstores.

Online book ordering:

If there isn't a bookstore in your area or if you prefer to order your books online, there are a number of online bookstores and gay/lesbian & feminist web pages with ordering services.

Click here for online bookstores.

Ordering by phone:

We are exploring the possibility of setting up our own online ordering system. In the meantime, individual orders are being handled by Publisher's Book & Audio. Credit Card orders (and instructions for mail order) can be handled at: 1-800-288-2131. Remember to have the title, author, and ISBN number of the book you want.

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