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New Releases from Stonewall Inn

July 2001:

Drama Queen• Drama Queen: A Gay Man's Guide to An Uncomplicated Life by Patrick Price, St. Martin's Griffin, trade paperback, $12.95, 0-312-26905-6

From the author of the best-selling Husband Hunting Made Easy comes a revelatory look at the role of drama in a gay man's life.  For everyone who has ever suffered from an excess of drama — or suffered with an overly dramatic queen in their life — Drama Queen is necessity: a friendly guide to understanding, identifying the causes, and getting the heck over drama. Fast, funny, deadly accurate and more than a little bit serious.

• One Dead Drag Queen: A Tom & Scott Mystery by Mark Richard Zubro, Stonewall Inn Mysteries, trade paperback, $12.95, 0-312-27702-4

The latest in Zubro's Lambda Literary Award winning series finds Tom Mason one of the victim's in the bombing of a local health clinic, leaving his lover professional baseball player Scott Carpenter to take over the sleuthing reins.

• Sex and Murder.com: A Paul Turner Mystery by Mark Richard Zubro, St. Martin's Minotaur, cloth, $23.95, 0-312-26683-9

Craig Lenzati, CEO of Chicago's answer to Microsoft, is brutally murdered. With a suspect list only slightly shorter than the phone book, openly gay Chicago Police Detective Paul Turner has the powers-that-be breathing down his neck for a quick resolution while the murderer has only just begun.

September 2001

• Dancing with the Demons: The Authorized Biography of Dusty Springfield by Penny Valentine and Vicki Wickham, St.Martin's Press, hardcover, $24.95, 0-312-28202-8

The tragic truth behind one of the great female pop icons — sexual confusion, struggles with drugs and alcohol, and ultimately a battle with cancer. Intimate and engrossing, this is the first authorized biography.

• Dirty Pictures: Tom of Finland, Masculinity, and Homosexuality by Micha Ramakers, Stonewall Inn Editions, trade paperback, $16.95, 0-312-27694-X

A groundbreaking study of the art of Touko Laaksonen, better known as Tom of Finland, Micha Ramakers explores the incredible and defining impact Tom's work has had upon the culture at large. Lavishily illustrated with drawings and photographs.

• The Girls: Sappho Goes to Hollywood by Diana McLellan, LA Weekly Books/St. Martin's Griffin, trade paperback, $16.95, 0-312-28320-2

An investigative account of the lives of Hollywood's most glamorous and uninhibited goddesses from Marlene Dietrich,  Greta Garbo, Mercedes de Acosta, Salka Viertel and others.

"A juicy chronicle of sexual and political intrigue within golden age Hollywood's not-very-closeted lesbian crowd."

The Advocate

October 2001

• Chicken Asylum: An Alex Reynolds Mystery by Fred Hunter, St. Martin's Minotaur, hardcover, $23.95, 0-312-27117-4

Alex Reynolds, his lover Peter, and his mother Jean are more than inconvenienced when the CIA stashes an 18 year old gay Iraqi defector in their suburban home.

Half-Moon Scar by Allison Green, Stonewall Inn Editions, trade paperback, $13.95, 0-312-28253-2

Amy, a thirty-something lesbian, returns to her hometown and is reunited with her old high school crush Gina and her old friend Gavin. As the past begins to creep into the present, Amy tries to reconcile her attraction to Gina and her complicated history with Gavin.

• National Nancies: An Alex Reynolds Mystery by Fred Hunter, Stonewall Inn Mysteries, trade paperback, $12.95, 0-312-27699-0

Alex Reynolds and his lvoer Peter Livesay are volunteers for a liberal senatorial candidate when the daily phoned-in bomb threats turn into deadly action that threatens the lives of everyone.

November 2001

• Beach by David Morgan, St. Martin's Griffin, trade paperback, $19.95, 0-312-28329-X

Photographer David Morgan, in a series of remarkable photographs, records the young male animal in the rituals of fun, sun, and play at the beach.  Introductory story by Ernesto Mestre-Reed.

Troublemaker by Brian Pera, Stonewall Inn Editions, trade paperback, $12.95, 0-312-27708-3

"A work of gritty lyricism and disturbing intensity."

The Advocate

Earl is a twenty-something drifter trying to find his way in life. Finding himself on the streets, he tries and fails to make it as a hustler and kept boy in New York City, eventually ending up in Colorado Springs in pursuit of a man he barely knows.

December 2001

• A Summer's House by Eric Gabriel Lehman, Stonewall Inn Editions, trade paperback, $13.95, 0-312-27707-5

"A series of textured characters inhabit the twilit world of Lehman's tryptich."

New York Blade

Summer's House focuses on three characters searching for a place where they belong: Raymond, an overly cerebral 17-year-old struggling with his own desires, Jerome, an unrecognized poet obsessed with the woman who threw him out, and Lester, an uncomfortable suburbanite.  

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