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 [Two Hearts Desire cover]

Two Hearts Desire

Edited by Michael Lassell & Lawrence Schimel

Two Hearts Desire is a glance at gay romance through the eyes and pens of couples. With a mix of prose, poetry, journalism, and even memos, the pieces celebrate the bonds between men. From current lovers and past lovers to long term lovers and those in new relationships, Lassell and Schimel offer a fresh look at the many varieties and flavors of gay male love.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Michael Lassell and Lawrence Schimel

"I Love Jose" by Matthew Rettenmund and "The Little Things You Do" by Jose Velez

"It's Not So Much His Kiss I Recall as Much as his Voice" by Regie Cabico and "You and I are Guests of Garcia Lorca" by Guillermo Castro

"Meeting Michael" by Edmund White and "Meeting Edmund" by Michael Carroll

"Reality/Fantasy" by Craig Lucas and "Fantasy/Reality" by Patrick Barnes

"Why I Love Larry" by Arnie Kantrowitz and "Life with Arnie" by Lawrence D. Mass

"Mash Note for Malcolm" by Mark Thompson and "Moments From a Gay Marriage (on our Tenth Anniversary)" by Malcolm Boyd

"My Housekeeper" by Richard Labonte and "Notes from the Housekeeper" by Asa Dean Liles

"My Magnificent Other" by Tom Bianchi and "Fourth Anniversary Card" by Mark Prunty

"Leaving Tim" by Douglas Sadownick and "He/I/We" by Tim Miller

"Trying to Write a Love Poem (for Michael Bronski)" by Walta Borawski and "Remembering Walta" by Michael Bronski

"Notes to Wake Up To" by Paul Monette and Winston Wilde

From October by Christopher Isherwood and Last Drawings of Christopher Isherwood by Don Bachardy

"On Valentine's Day" by Harlan Greene and "Olin Replies" by Olin B. Jolley

 [Portraits of Love cover]

Portraits of Love

Edited by Susan Fox Rogers & Linda Smukler

With a mix of poetry, prose, journalism, and letters, editors Susan Fox Rogers and Linda Smukler explore love between women and the bonds these lovers share. With an eclectic blend of writing from current partners writing about each other as well as pieces from individuals about their great loves, this collection explores and exalts all that is lesbian romance and partnership

Table of Contents

Introduction by Linda Smukler and Susan Fox Rogers

"Morning" by Lucy Jane Bledsoe and Patricia Mullen

"angela+camille=love" by Angela Romagnoli and Camille Roy

"Passing" by Maureen Seaton and Lori Marsette

"Love Enough" by Eileen Myles

"Portrait of Carol and Janelle" by Carol Queen and Janelle Davis

"Mazie's Woman" by Nisa Donnelly

"Where There Be Dragons" by Margaret Erhart and Ann Baker

"Struck" by Joan Larkin

"Falling in Love from Her Coast to Mine" by Amber Hollibaugh and Marj Plumb

"Duet for Two Buns and a Party" by Marianne Dresser and Zelie Pollon

"Dream" by Gerry Gomez Pearlberg

"Discovery in Paradise" by Maureen Brady and M.E. Hughes

"Short Clips from the Mary and Merril Show" by Mary B-J and Merril Mushroom

"The Kim Poems" by Roxxie

"Step by Step" by Kitty Tsui and Andrea Pedit

"Name Calling" by Tracy Young

From S/HE and Stone Butch Blues by Minnie Bruce Pratt and Leslie Feinberg

"Love, Maybe" by Audre Lorde

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