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 [Some Men Are Lookers cover]

Some Men Are Lookers

By Ethan Mordden

In the 1980's, Ethan Mordden's acclaimed Buddies trilogy explored the network of supportive friendships that underlay the facade of partying in Manhattan's sex and beauty cult. Now Mordden returns to his best-loved characters in this eagerly awaited fourth volume in the cycle. With Dennis Savage; his Absolute Boy Lover, Little Kiwi; cowboy hunk Carlo; the bizarre, scheming "elf-child" Cosgrove; and narrator Bud -- along with a host of new characters -- Mordden lays bare the emotional landscape of the city within a city that is Gay Manhattan.

From drag queen Miss Faye ("Bette Midler crossed with Hitler") and Peter Keene, a closeted Ivy Leaguer who comes out with such complete abandon that he disrupts a dinner party with his hungers, to Zuleto a stunning Venetian youth of frustratingly casual sensuality, and Vic Astarchos, a porn star/hustler of mythic proportions who, tragically, lets his true self slip through the cracks in his professional pose, Some Men Are Lookers brings to life the "scene" in all its diverse and contradictory elements. Blending the comic, the sexy, and the at once idealistic and realistic -- where the perfectly gymed god and the shy guy with the incorrect physique are brought refreshingly into contact, where the sensual and the functional worlds, eternally in collision, enlighten each other -- these stories are Ethan Mordden at his very best.

Critical Praise for Ethan Mordden and the "Buddies" novels:

"A witty collection of stories that break away from the cliches to create touching portraits of men in conflict and conciliation with an often hostile world."
-- Publishers Weekly on Buddies

"A deliberately funny book, laced with laughs and irony, that sometimes makes one cry...ingenious and sophisticated."
-- The Los Angeles Times on I've a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore

"In these wonderfully cosmopolitan sketches, Mordden is the Jane Austen of gay Manhattan, but it is not confined to that city; he leaps memorably beyond geography."
-- Bay Area Reporter on Everybody Loves You

"Ethan Mordden is a master craftsman. His style combines the satirical urbanity of Juvenal, the wit of Oscar Wilde, the intelligence and drawing room sophistication of Jane Austen. The appearance of this volume is a splendid gift to us all."
-- Bay Windows on Everybody Loves You

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