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    Ever have one of those days when you realize that you need to have your resume in a public place and the only place you can think of is your web page?  But your web page is so out of date that it would be embarrassing if anyone was to actually link to it.  So you start to design a web page only to realize you have nothing worthwhile to write other than the word RESUME and really, how boring is that.

So anyway, I'll write about me because I can see that each and every one of you is sitting at the end of your chairs waiting to see what comes next!  Did I mention I was a bit narcissisitic?   Truthfully, I have been malnourishing my web page for several years but due to the need for the previously mentioned addition, it was time to make a change.  But this process is never fun because I don't know what to write.  Therefore, suggestions will be gladly accepted.


Actually, this page never had more than my resume but now I am building a much more advanced and thorough page because at the urging (and grade from) my favorite professor:  Joel Hallas.  If this is not kissing up enough please let me know, I'm sure I can manage more.  But for his benefit, I have written a page from scratch:  so here's to you, Mr. Professor Sir from a very sincere student!!!!





CCIE (in my dreams--one day!)

dogs  (Buster--"have you seen my taaaiiiillllll" and Michigan--"oops, mommy I forgot to pee outside again")

my family, including my partner, Niki

NYC (ain't it great)


etc., etc., etc.


Ok, I admit it. I am a closet list maker.  I've tried to give up the addiction but I can't.  If I do, I don't remember where I've put anything, even my glasses.  (All right, tell me that all you spectacle wearers didn't just touch your nose to make sure you didn't lose you're glasses?) 


So, let me start or continue or whatever, where my last web page started.  The story of my life (don't worry, it is much briefer than my years).  I was born an infant in the small, sleepy town of Miami, Florida, in September of ............ (don't be so damn nosey--what does it matter what year it was?)  I went to college to become a Broadway star and ended up a music therapist; then graduate school to become a psychotherapist.  But one day about 7 years ago I bought my first "real" computer (yes, that means a PC and not a MAC).  At first I was terrified of the thing, but then I saw the light. . . and sparks as 3 video cards, 2 system boards and then the monitor blew up!!!  Lo and behold I found out that I'm not too bad with these things.


FAST FORWARD ..........................I am now a computer techie!!!


                                                      and other things!                                 





Page first developed 4/25/00

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