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Husband Hunting Made Easy Husband Hunting Made Easy
(and Other Miracles for the Modern Gay Man)

By Patrick Price
Photography by Martin Pearce
Illustrations by Eric Orner

The modern gay man is his own best friend, has healed his inner child, learned about his intimacy problems, and has memorized the Kama Sutra. He has a little black book that would make Casanova jealous--and more phone numbers than the Manhattan white pages. Why then, do so few of these men have the house, Range-Rover, dogs, and husbands that so many year for?

Now, spreading welcome light into a much discussed and little understood area of gay romance, Patrick Price tells all about finding, getting, and keeping the husband of your dreams. From the basic ("What is a husband and why do I want one?") to the advanced topics ("In-laws and how not to kill them."), Husband Hunting Made Easy is the "everything-you-need-to-know" guide. From blind dates (Hint: Never let Mom set you up) to the basics of dress ("A thong is always wrong!") to avoiding pathetic opening lines ("Care to lambada?"), Price leads you through all the pitfalls and pratfalls of landing the (nearly) perfect man. With easy-to-use chapters, lists, quizzes, and, of course, homework, this is the perfect book for every gay man who is unhappily single. And absolutely essential for everyone, gay or straight, who is about to lose their collective minds from listening to the complaints of their husband-hunting gay male friends.

Patrick Price is a publicist for Ballantine Books and a successful veteran of the quest for the modern gay husband. If you need marriage advice, just drop him a note.

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