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 [So You Want to Be a Lesbian? cover]

So You Want to Be a Lesbian?

A Guide for Amateurs and Professionals

In these confusing times of post-Lesbian chic and pre-visibility, there is a vast confusion across the land about lesbians. Who are they, what are they, how do they meet each other, and why do they always seem to have such great luck in getting dates?

Into this void, this confusion, this...curiosity...rides the essential guide book of the 90's, So You Want to be a Lesbian? Here to rescue America from its misconceptions and misogyny is THE travel book to the Sapphic landscape -- think of it as Let's Go: Lesbian, the Zagat Guide to Dykedom, and Martha Stewart's Lesbian Living all rolled into one.

This humorous look at the lesbian nation illustrates key concepts (such as "coming out" and how to do it without having your aunt collapse in the strudel), provides a quickie course in essential dyke knowledge (How to Flirt, How to Date, What to Do When You've Finally Convinced That Cute Girl To Come Over For Herbal Tea), and celebrates the rich tapestry that is the Posse Lesbos.

For the confirmed, the soon-to-be-out, and the just-plain-curious, So You Want to be a Lesbian? is a must have for those who want to know where lesbians are heading for the millennium (we've got news for you: it's not Kansas.)

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