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[Now That I'm Out Cover]

Now That I'm Out, What Do I Do?

By Brian McNaught

For most gay, lesbian, and bisexual people, acknowledging and accepting their homosexual orientation are only the first steps in what is often a lifelong journey. They then must integrate their sexuality into the rest of their lives. This requires that they reevaluate the most basic themes of human existence: family, love, spirituality, work, and community. In a series of personal essays that are both prescriptive and inspirational, Brian McNaught leads readers through the issues that they will have to confront as they try to find a safe and meaningful place for themselves in what is often a hostile world.

Brian McNaught has a special gift for explaining the challenges and joys of being gay to straight and gay audiences alike, and has been doing so as a lecturer, diversity trainer, and sexuality educator since 1974. In Now That I'm Out, What Do I Do? he provides an intimate look at such diverse topics as fitting into the gay community, love relationships, families, being out in the workplace, spirituality, and building bridges with heterosexuals. This book offers wisdom and insight to its readers wherever they are on the path of life's journey.

"If you've ever felt that you didn't quite fit in, weren't gay in the right way, had concerns that you didn't hear other gay or lesbian people talking about, this courageous personal account of a journey to self will give you a perspective that you are not likely to find anywhere else." -- Betty Berzon, psychotherapist and author of Permanent Partners and The Intimacy Dance

"Where was this book when I was coming out? Brian McNaught's extraordinary honesty and gentle spirit would have let me set aside the doubts and self-loathing that I struggled with in isolation for years. Even now, I draw strength from his words, because Brian's message is timeless: There's a place for us, all of us." -- Eric Marcus, co-author of Greg Louganis's autobiography, Breaking the Surface, and author of Is It a Choice?: Answers to 300 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Gays and Lesbians

"McNaught exhibits a mature perspective and supporting anecdotal material in this very personal guide to living and thinking gay after coming out. Chattily and cogently written, this book offers solid advice to the majority of gays, who are neither activist nor self-loathing, on how to come to terms with themselves in both gay and mainstream society." -- Publisher's Weekly

Brian McNaught is the author of On Being Gay: Thoughts on Family, Faith, and Love and Gay Issues in the Workplace and is featured in several popular educational videos. He has received numerous public citations for his educational efforts and has been profiled in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Boston Globe, among other publications. He was the Mayor of Boston's Liaison to the Gay and Lesbian Community and has hosted three PBS specials. He pioneered diversity training on gay issues in corporate America, lectures widely to professional organizations, and has spoken at more than one hundred universities, including Harvard, Holy Cross, and Vanderbilt. He lives in San Francisco with his life partner, Ray Struble.

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