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Stonewall Inn Classics

  • Late in the Season by Felice Picano

    One of the classic early novels in the long career of one of the founding members of the Violet Quill Club, Late in the Season is the story of an unlikely friendship - of a gay man in his late thirties and an eighteen year old schoolgirl. But much more that that, it is a portrait of a magical place -- Fire Island Pines -- in a magical time.

    ISBN# 0-312-15564-6

    The Mayor

  • The Mayor of Castro Street by Randy Shilts

    The definitive story of Harvey Milk, the gay supervisor of San Francisco whose personal life, public career, and tragic assassination mirrored the dramatic and unprecedented emergence of the gay community during the 1970s.

    ISBN# 0-312-01900-9

  • Nocturnes for the King of Naples by Edmund White

    A beautiful evocation of lost love with all the startling, almost embarrassing intimacy of a stranger's love letters.

    "A baroque invention of quite startling brilliance and intensity." -- Gore Vidal

    ISBN# 0-312-02263-8

  • Parisian Lives by Samuel M. Steward

    An enchanting evocation of Paris and the late 30's as well as a look into the domestic humor and life of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas. A compelling roman a clef by gay icon and member of the Stein/Toklas circle.

    ISBN# 0-312-03024-X

    Taking Care of Mrs. Carroll

  • Taking Care of Mrs. Carroll by Paul Monette

    Two male lovers together with some esteemed members of Beverly Hills society mount an incredible scam in this witty and wicked novel.

    "Madcap, honest, and refreshing. The book is a delight." -- The Advocate

    ISBN# 0-312-01515-1

And that was only the classics. Check out the rest of the Stonewall Inn book finder.


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