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Stonewall Inn Non-Fiction

  • The Arena of Masculinity by Brian Pronger

    Pronger examines the paradoxical position of the gay athlete in a straight sporting world, the homoerotic undercurrent subliminally present in the masculine struggle of sports, and the growth of gay sports in the framework of developing gay culture.

    ISBN# 0-312-06293-1

  • Created Equal by Michael Nava and Robert Dawidoff

    Nava and Dawidoff make a powerful, Constitutionally based argument that gay equality is central to the continuing defense of individual liberty -- one of the fundamental premises of American society.

    ISBN# 0-312-11764-7

  • Don't Be Afraid Anymore by Rev. Troy D. Perry with Thomas L.P. Swicegood

    The story of the Metropolitan Community Church and its founder, Reverend Troy Perry. "A compelling story of one man's conviction." -- Booklist

    ISBN# 0-312-06954-5

    Gay Body

  • Gay Body: A Journey Through Shadow to Self by Mark Thompson

    In an electrifying mix of theory and autobiography, Mark Thompson explores the stages of healing and recovery that gay men can experience if they dare to take the path leading to a fully integrated body and spirit. By the author of the ground-breaking Gay Spirit.

    "This brilliant book should be required reading for every man interested in personal growth and healing... a compellingly intimate mix of autobiography and theory." -- Genre

    ISBN# 0-312-19886-8

  • Gay Issues in the Workplace by Brian McNaught

    "Clear, well-organized adn straightforward, McNaught's book is an excellent resource. This is a book for gays to read and share with the colleagues and, when possible, their employers...a significant index of how gay men and lesbians are transforming society by being out in the workplace." -- Genre

    ISBN# 0-312-11798-1

  • Gay Priest by Malcolm Boyd

    Boyd, a devout gay priest for thirty years, recounts the painful spiritual journey forced upon any gay man who would be a priest. "Boyd weaves a brilliant fabric for the gay Christian soul." -- Bay Area Reporter

    ISBN# 0-312-01031-1

  • Gay Spirit edited by Mark Thompson

    Essays exploring the possibilities of gay spirit -- suggesting ways in which gay people might find a place and purpose in a human culture unique to themselves.

    ISBN# 0-312-01765-0

  • Gay & Lesbian Poetry in Our Time edited by Carl Morse and Joan Larkin

    A landmark collection which presents the best gay and lesbian poetry written from 1950 through the 1980's, with some 200 poems by 94 writers, some of whom are appearing in a gay context for the first time. Winner of the 1989 Lambda Literary Award for Poetry.

    ISBN# 0-312-03836-4


  • Girljock: The Book edited by Roxxie

    Ranging from pieces on rock climbing to softball, to cartoons and advice on how to land the girljock of your dreams, Girljock: The Book not only skewers the mainstream, corporate womenÕs sports magazines but will show the reader the joy to be had when sports meets humor meets libido.

    ISBN# 0-312-15134-9

  • How to Go to the Movies by Quentin Crisp

    A veteran film-goer of seventy some years, Quentin Crisp brings his love of the cinema and his notorious wit together in a series of essays on film and film stars.

    ISBN# 0-312-05444-0

  • Love Alone: 18 Elegies for Rog by Paul Monette

    "Paul Monette speaks for all of us in this electrifying ode to the death of a generation. I read it straight through, the read it again, overwhelmed by his tenderness and rage, the sheer authenticity of his voice." -- Armistead Maupin

    ISBN# 0-312-02602-1


  • Mongrel: Essays, Diatribes and Pranks by Justin Chin

    Asian-American essayist, poet, and performance writer Justin ChinÕs collection is a combination of confession, tirade, journalism, and practical joke -- funny, moving, and enlightening.

    "Justin Chin joyously picks at the scab of these times to peek at what our flesh really looks like underneath. No subject is off-limits as Chin humorously explores the hot-button issues of sex, class, race, and even proctology!" -- Tim Miller, author of Shirts & Skin

    ISBN# 0-312-19513-3

    Now That I'm Out

  • Now That IÕm Out, What Do I Do?: Thoughts on Living Deliberately by Brian McNaught

    McNaught, a corporate diversity trainer and author of On Being Gay and Gay Issues in the Workplace, deals with the life issues that emerge after a person comes out as gay or lesbian.

    "Getting there may be half the battle, but until now no one had really addressed what we should do once weÕve arrived. A practical primer that is both informative and fun to read." -- The Advocate

    ISBN# 0-312-19518-4

  • On Being Gay: Thoughts on Family, Faith and Love by Brian McNaught

    McNaught provides a thoughtful look at what it means to be gay--coming out, family, love, AIDS, an honest relationship with God, and accepting oneself as decent and worthy of respect.

    ISBN# 0-312-02959-4

  • Reports from the holocaust, revised edition by Larry Kramer

    An intensely personal collection of essays and political polemics that together form a documentary history of the epidemic by the founder of ACT-UP and GMHC.

    "The best work I've ever read about AIDS since Randy Shilts's And the Band Played On. A disturbing must-read." -- Larry King, USA Today

    ISBN# 0-312-11419-2


  • Sportsdykes edited by Susan Fox Rogers

    From journalism to works of fiction, the life of the "girljock" is vividly revealed in the thirty-one pieces collected here. Sportsdykes explores, defines, and celebrates the lesbian sports experience. Tough, funny, unique and sexy -- just like the sports dykes themselves

    ISBN# 0-312-13187-9

  • Tom of Finland by F. Valentine Hooven III

    A copiously illustrated biography of world-renowned Finnish gay erotic artist, Tom of Finland, who almost single handedly defined a prominent gay erotic esthetic.

    ISBN# 0-312-11365-X

  • West of Yesterday, East of Summer: New and Selected Poems by Paul Monette

    The final book of National Book Award-winning writer Paul Monette.

    "This book is more than the poems it contains. It is the stuff of high-art, and awful existence: life and literature colliding." -- Lambda Book Report

    ISBN# 0-312-13616-1

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