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Stonewall Inn Fiction

  • a/k/a by Ruthann Robson

    A finalist for the 1998 Lambda Literary Award, a/k/a is an intricate and daring novel centered around the identities that two women create for themselves and the relationship the forms between them.

    ISBN# 0-312-19825-6

  • Another Mother by Ruthann Robson

    A gripping novel of one's womans attempt to make sense of her life and the various labels that have been applied to it. By the Ferro-Grumley Award-winning author of Eye of a Hurricane and Cecile.

    ISBN# 0-312-14542-X

  • Blackbird by Larry Duplechan

    In his last year of high school, a young black man comes of age, tasting love and freedom for the first time.

    "The best thing to come along in the comic field since The Movie Lover." -- In Touch

    ISBN# 0-312-0099804

    The Body

  • The Body and Its Dangers and Other Stories by Allen Barnett

    A collection of stories about the modern condition of gay men -- unrelentingly stark, beautifully written and completely honest. Winner of the Lambda Literary Award and a special mention by the PEN/Ernest Hemingway Award Committee.

    ISBN# 0-312-05824-1

  • Boys Like Us by Peter McGehee

    "A genuinely delightful gay domestic comedy so full of tangy dialogue and wacky situations that it screams for the stage or, better yet, the screen." -- Booklist

    ISBN# 0-312-06913-8

    The Boys

  • The Boys on the Rock by John Fox

    A rare and powerful first novel of gay adolescence adds another, genuinely affecting dimension to the rite-of-passage experience.

    "This is some of the brightest, funniest, most touching writing about adolescence I've read in a long time." -- Edmund White.

    ISBN# 0-312-10433-2


  • Buddies by Ethan Mordden

    The second volume of stories in Mordden's series of stories about life in gay Manhattan which also includes I've a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore, Everybody Loves You, and the forthcoming Some Men Are Lookers.

    ISBN# 0-312-01005-2

    Call Me

  • Call Me by P-P Hartnett

    A biting, humorous novel that follows the exploits of a young man who becomes obsessed with placing and answering personal ads

    ISBN# 0-312-18063-2

    Close Calls

  • Close Calls ed. by Susan Fox Rogers

    Twenty-One new stories that reflect the complexity and richness of lesbian ficiton today, mixing established and new writers including Ruthann Robson, Donna Allegra, Gwendolyn Bikis, Anna Livia, Linda Smukler and others.

    ISBN# 0-312-16802-0


  • Dancing on Tisha B'Av by Lev Raphael

    "His characters are voices of reason, observers rather than judges...The prose is poetic in its simplicity, the sex scenes sweat with passsion." -- The Los Angeles Times Winner of the 1991 Lamba Literary Award

    ISBN# 0-312-0632-6

  • The Death of Donna-May Dean by Joey Manley

    "Alabama Gothic meets Huck Finn...A vigorous, bristling style wise beyond its years." -- Paul Monette

    ISBN# 0-312-07702-5

  • The Dream Life by Bo Huston

    Told in alternating narrative voices, this is a daring novel about love between a man and a boy by one of the finest writers of the past decade.

    ISBN# 0-312-09788-3

  • Everybody Loves You by Ethan Mordden

    A gay ghost, a talking dog, and a street kid who think's he's an elf child join the characters from I've a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore and Buddies in this third volume of Mordden's stories of gay life in the big city.

    ISBN# 0-312-03334-6

    Execution, Texas: 1987

  • Execution, Texas: 1987 by D. Travers Scott

    Seventeen-year-old Seeger King is a high school senior is tiny Execution, Texas torn between his girlfriend and best friend Cordelia and the all-consuming crush on sophomore wrestler Kent. As graduation and the future looms, his friends escape into drugs and fantasy, Seeger must decide who to love, what to believe, and what action to take.

    ISBN# 0-312-19878-7

    Getting Off Clean

  • Getting Off Clean by Timothy Murphy

    High school student Eric Fitzpatrick's plans for escape go awry when he meets Brooks, a mysterious, wealthy, black student at a local prep school. Now Eric is forced to come to terms with not only his family and community, but with his warring ambitions and desires.

    ISBN# 0-312-18720-3

    How Long

  • How Long Has This Been Going On? by Ethan Mordden

    Bringing together a rich and varied cast of characters to tell the tale of modern gay America, Mordden (author of Buddies) puts a unique spin on gay life from 1949 to the present in this epic novel.

    ISBN# 0-312-16867-5

  • I've a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore by Ethan Mordden

    The first volume in Mordden's acclaimed story cycle on Manhattan gay life, he introduces a small group of friends and chronicles their exploration of the new world of gay life.

    ISBN# 0-312-14112-2

  • Joseph and the Old Man by Christopher Davis

    Surrounded by friends in Cherry Grove, lover "Joseph" and "The Old Man" are content to enjoy another summer until life deals them an unexpected hand. A hauntingly beautiful love story.

    ISBN# 0-312-01052-4

  • Latin Moon in Manhattan by Jaime Manrique

    Exuberant and colorful, this novel paints a vivid portrait of New York City as the land of El Dorado for today's Latino immigrants and is narratted by Santiago Martinez, a gay Argentinian poet.

    ISBN# 0-312-08835-2

    My Father's Scar

  • My Father's Scar by Michael Cart

    In his first year at college, Andy Logan must come to terms with his difficult past to be able to move forward. Mixing pathos and humor -- from a domineering father to the boy who was his first love -- Cart compelling evokes the pain and euphoria that define Andy's coming of age and his search for love.

    ISBN# 0-312-18137-X

    My Worst Date

  • My Worst Date by David Leddick

    In South Beach, Miami, 16-year old Hugo has found the perfect man in Glenn Elliott Paul. The only two problems are that his mother doesn't know Hugo is seeing Glenn and Glenn is also dating his mother.

    ISBN# 0-312-18138-8

    The Necessary Hunger

  • The Necessary Hunger by Nina Revoyr

    An acclaimed novel chronicling the relationship between two Los Angeles high school girls -- Nancy (who is Korean-American) and Raina (who is African-American) -- both star basketball players struggling to navigate their futures and one's love for the other.

    ISBN# 0-312-18142-6

  • One Last Waltz by Ethan Mordden

    In this brilliant and lyrical novel of family passions and personal fate, Mordden weaves a saga of fiery intensity, recounting the fortunes of the family of Dublin Johnny Keogh.

    ISBN# 0-312-01801-0

  • Sacred Lips of the Bronx by Doug Sadownick

    "New age spirituality, AIDS activism, Yiddishe apparitions that schmooze and kvetch with the best of them, a Jewish boy's Puerto Rican first love, marvelously crafted and developed ethnic characters, racial tension and tolerance, and a touch of sadomasochism are just a few of the disparate elements Sadownick successfully weaves into this tale." -- Library Journal

    ISBN# 0-312-13165-8

  • Show Me the Way to Go Home by Simmons Jones

    The eccentric characters of Milford, North Carolina live in a dreamy haze until their lives are disrupted by two remarkable visitors: Jake Cullen, a too-blond hustler in his too-small bikini and the Principessa di Brabant, a hometown girl returning from Italy as a widow.

    ISBN# 0-312-09387-X

    Some Men

  • Some Men Are Lookers by Ethan Mordden

    The fourth volume in Mordden’s acclaimed and beloved "Buddies" cycle follows the exploits of his best loved characters - Dennis Savage, Little Kiwi, Carlo, Cosgrove, and Bud -- as he lays bare the emotional landscape of the city within a city that is Gay Manhattan

    ISBN# 0-312-19336-X

  • Tangled Up in Blue by Larry Duplechan

    A story of three people bound together by ties of love, passion, and friendship until a crisis for one threatens to destroy them all.

    ISBN# 0-312-05167-0

  • Untold Decades by Robert Patrick

    Seven one-act plays that trace the romantic comedy of gay male love in America through the last seven decades. By the author of the much acclaimed Kennedy's Children.

    ISBN# 0-312-03447-4

  • Valley of the Shadow by Christopher Davis

    With simple clarity and undeniable power, Davis tells a story of great love and great tragedy; of AIDS and of two young men; of flawless summer days and starlit nights; of parents and children; and of the tangled web of love and loss and loyalty that is life itself.

    ISBN# 0-312-02666-8

  • Winter Eyes by Lev Raphael

    A haunting and remarkable novel, Winter Eyes is tale of family secrets, silence, revelation -- and the hope for healing and change. By the Lambda Literary Award-winning author of Dancing on Tisha B'Av.

    ISBN# 0-312-10576-2

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