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Stonewall Inn Mysteries

    Another Dead Teenager
  • Another Dead Teenager by Mark Richard Zubro

    Gay Chicago police detective investigates the brutal murder of two local teens in a case that may ultimately threaten his own family. Third in the Paul Turner series.

    ISBN# 0-312-14277-3

  • A Body to Dye For by Grant Michaels

    First in the Stan Kraychik series.

    "A delightful debut with a gay hairdresser-investigator who gets his fingers into a lot more things than hair." -- George Baxt

    ISBN# 0-312-05825-X

  • Brotherly Love by Randye Lordon

    Lesbian Private Investigator Sydney Sloane must face the possibility that a recently escaped murder is actually her long (supposedly) dead brother David. First in the Sydney Sloane series.

    ISBN# 0-312-10947-4

    Chain of Fools

  • Chain of Fools by Richard Stevenson

    Gay P.I. Donald Strachey investigates the months-old murder of Eric Osborne at the request of his lover. When Osborne's lesbian sister survives an attempt on her life, Strachey believes that both might be related to a complex family feud and the impending sale of the family-owned newspaper.

    ISBN 0-312-16796-2

  • Dead on Your Feet by Grant Michaels

    A dead body at the ballet where his lover Rafik dances means Boston hairdresser Stan Kraychik is again in the middle of a murder investigation. Third in the Stan Kraychik series.

    ISBN# 0-312-11457-5

  • Death Takes the Stage by Donald Ward

    Very small-time Hollywood agent finds himself unraveling a tangled skein when he starts to look into the murder of a gay client at the request of the client's trucker boyfriend.

    ISBN# 0-312-03474-1

  • An Echo of Death by Mark Richard Zubro

    High school teacher Tom Scott and his professional baseball player lover, Scott Carpenter, go on the run when they find a dead body in their living room and the killers on their trail. Fifth in the Tom and Scott series.

    ISBN# 0-312-13480-0

  • The Edith Wharton Murders by Lev Raphael

    English professor Nick Hoffman is dragooned into organizing an Edith Wharton conference where two rival Wharton groups are at each others throats and academic rivalry has crossed the line into murder. The second in the Nick Hoffman series.

    ISBN# 0-312-19863-9

  • Government Gay by Fred Hunter

    Accosted in a local gay bar by two men demanding, "Where is it?," Alex thinks its a case of mistaken identity and escapes unharmed. But when a body shows up behind the bar, and the CIA at his doorstep the next day, he realizes that he is in the middle of something much bigger and more dangerous than he thought.

    ISBN# 0-312-18721-1

  • Ice Blues by Richard Steveson

    Albany's only gay P.I., Donald Strachey, discovers the body of the scion of the local politcal godfather in the back of his snowed-in car along with instructions from the deceased asking Strachey to dismantle his grandfather's political machine. Third in the Donald Strachey series.

    ISBN# 0-312-13517-3

  • Let's Get Criminal by Lev Raphael

    Curiosity turns to obsession at the State University of Michigan. Professor Nick Hoffman discovers that his longtime lover, Stefan Borowski, was once in love with a controversial new faculty member, Perry Cross. When Cross is murdered, Nick's jealousy and Stefan's past make them prime suspects...

    ISBN# 0-312-15160-8

  • Love You To Death by Grant Michaels

    Stan Kraychik, Boston's sassiest hairdresser, attends a Valentine's Day soire in hopes of finding a sweetheart, only to stumble across a dead body. Second in the Stan Kraychik series.

    ISBN# 0-312-08841-8

    Mask for a Diva

  • Mask For a Diva by Grant Michaels

    Stan Kraychik is hired to assist the wigmaster for the opening season of Boston's new opera company and is witness to a series of disasters including the murder of the companies aging diva. Fourth in the Stan Kraychik series.

    ISBN# 0-312-14120-3

  • On the Other Hand, Death by Richard Stevenson

    An aging lesbian couple stands in the way of the plans of a giant conglomerate and Donald Strachey is hired to protect them against a vicious campaign of violence being waged against them. Second in the Donald Strachey series.

    ISBN# 0-312-11871-6

  • The Only Good Priest by Mark Richard Zubro

    Tom Mason is asked by friends to look into the death of Father Sebestian, the only good priest that everybody knows, but what he finds isn't pleasant... Third in the Tom and Scott series.

    ISBN# 0-312-07054-3

  • Political Poison by Mark Richard Zubro

    Gay police detective Paul Turner is assigned to investigate the complicated murder of a Chicago Alderman. Second in the Paul Turner series.

    ISBN# 0-312-11044-8

  • Principal Cause of Death by Mark Richard Zubro

    The high school teacher is dead and Tom Mason found him. The fourth in the Tom and Scott Mystery series.

    ISBN# 0-312-09896-0

  • A Queer Kind of Love by George Baxt

    Pharaoh Love, a very flamboyant gay black New York City police detective, investigates a crime involving his two closest childhood friends. The very first gay detective in mystery fiction makes his long-awaited return. Fourth in the series.

    ISBN# 0-312-13152-6

    Rust on the Razor

  • Rust on the Razor by Mark Richard Zubro

    Tom Mason and his lover, baseball player Scott Carpenter, rush to rural Georgia to be at the side of Scott's ailing father. Once there, they find the locals none too pleased to have them around and the murdered body of the local sheriff found in the back of their car, doesn't help.

    ISBN# 0-312-15644-8

  • Shattered Rhythms by Phyllis Knight

    Lesbian P.I. Lil Ritchie travels to Canada to attend a jazz festival but ends up investigating the disappearance of her favorite guitarist. Second in the series.

    ISBN# 0-312-11888-0

  • Sherlock Holmes and the Mysterious Friend of Oscar Wilde by Russell A. Brown

    Mingling melodrama and epigram, fact and fiction, two men with so many differences in common pursue a hellish hound whose actions menace all of 19th century England.

    ISBN# 0-312-03932-8

    Shock to the System

  • Shock to the System by Richard Stevenson

    Strachey is asked to investigate the suspicious death of Paul Haig by three different people -- Haig's homophobic mother, his ex-lover, and the psychiatrist hired to "cure" him of his homosexuality. Just as he gets started, however, all three remove him from the case, leaving Strachey with a brutal murder that now everyone wants left alone. Number five in the Donald Strachey series.

    ISBN 0-312-14732-5

  • A Simple Suburban Murder by Mark Richard Zubro

    High school teacher Tom Mason finds a dead body in the back row of his classroom and the search for the solution takes him, and his lover, through the seamy underworld of young male prostitution. First in the Tom and Scott series.

    ISBN# 0-312-03933-6

    Sister's Keeper

  • Sister's Keeper by Randye Lordon

    The accidental death of a family friend quickly turns out to be no accident under the investigation of lesbian P.I. Syndey Sloane. Second in the Sydney Sloane series.

    ISBN# 0-312-14134-2

  • Sorry Now? by Mark Richard Zubro

    A right-wing evangelist is attacked and his daughter killed while visiting Chicago. Gay police detective Paul Turner finds himself involved in a case that well be a campaign of vengence originating from the gay community itself. First in the Paul Turner series.

    ISBN# 0-312-08299-1

  • Switching the Odds by Phyllis Knight

    Former rock guitarist now private investigator in Maine, Lil Ritchie, finds a missing child case is actually something much more complicated and quite deadly indeed. First in the Lil Ritchie series.

    ISBN# 0-312-09400-0

  • Third Man Out by Richard Stevenson

    An attack on a local gay activist looks like revenge for his outing policies but when he is murdered, Albany's only gay private investigator, Donald Strachey, isn't quite so sure. Fourth in the Don Strachey series.

    ISBN# 0-312-08906-6

    Time to Check Out

  • Time to Check Out by Grant Michaels

    Stan Kraychik, ex-hairdresser turned heiress, takes a trip to lose himself and winds up in Key West, Florida. But when he finds the body of his guesthouse's unpleasant landlady, killed most ... unusually ..., Stan once again gets mixed up in murder.

    ISBN# 0-312-15673-1

  • The Truth Can Get You Killed by Mark Richard Zubro

    When the body of a local, notoriously homophobic judge is discovered on New Year's Day, gay Chicago Police Detective Paul Turner catches the case.

    ISBN# 0-312-18765-3

  • Why Isn't Becky Twitchell Dead? by Mark Richard Zubro

    When one of his students is accussed of killing his girlfriend, Tom Mason and his lover Scott Carpenter set out to find out what really happened. Second in the Tom and Scott series.

    ISBN# 0-312-05996-5


Tor/Forge is a publisher wholly owned and distributed by St. Martin's Press which, while primarily known for its science fiction/fantasy line, publishes a wide range of fiction and non-fiction. Below are some of their titles that may be of interest to gay/lesbian readers. For a more complete list of their work, visit their Web page.

Tor/Forge Mysteries:

The "Bast" Mystery Series

Bast (a.k.a. Karen Hightower) is a modern-day witch who solves mysteries among New York City's neo-pagan, Goddess-worshipping, Wiccan community. (Many of Bast's friends and associates are gay, and the author is a frequent attendee at such events as Gaylaxicon. As for Bast herself . . . ) Visit the author's Web page.

  • Bell, Book, and Murder by Rosemary Edghill

    An omnibus of the three Bast novels, Speak Daggers to Her (#1), Book of Moons (#2), and The Bowl of Night (#3). Bast gets involved in the murder of a wannabe witch, the death of a bookseller and the search for a rare Wiccan tome, and, ultimately, a murder at an outdoor pagan festival in upstate New York.

    ISBN #0-312-86768-9
    $17.95, Orb trade paperback

Science Fiction/Fantasy:

    The Child Garden

  • The Child Garden by Geoff Ryman

    Winner of the John W. Campbell and Arthur C. Clarke Awards. A brilliant SF novel from the acclaimed author of Was. In 21st century London, Milena is barred from the Consensus. Then she falls in love with Rolfa, the Genetically Engineered Polar Woman . . . 

    "An exuberant celebration of excess; you will not be bored." -- The New York Times

    ISBN #0-312-89023-0
    $13.95, Orb trade paperback

    The Fortunate Fall

  • The Fortunate Fall by Raphael Carter

    "Vibrant, sweet, and tragic, The Fortunate Fall is a tailored virus that rewrote some of my code." -- Jonathan Letham, author of Gun, with Occasional Music. A stunning debut novel of love, gender, and identity in the wired future.

    ISBN #0-312-86034-X
    $21.95, Tor hardcover

  • Nadya: The Wolf Chronicle by Pat Murphy

    A fresh, audacious fantasy of a female werewolf -- and her lesbian lover -- on the early nineteenth-century American frontier.

    ISBN #0-312-86226-1
    $23.95, Tor hardcover

    Shadow Man

  • Shadow Man by Melissa Scott

    Winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay SF Novel of 1995.

    "She makes us see the crisis in our own rigid views of sex and gender -- a crisis that has always been with us." -- Rachel Pollack

    ISBN #0-312-85800-0
    $22.95, Tor hardcover
    ISBN #0-312-86206-7
    $13.95, Tor trade paperback

  • Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner

    Intrigue, sword play, and passion among swordsmen in a pre-modern city of the imagination: a bravura performance unlike any other.

    "The book we might have had if Noel Coward had written a vehicle for Errol Flynn" -- Gene Wolfe

    ISBN #0-312-53644-4
    $4.99, Tor mass market

    They Fly at Ciron

  • They Fly at Ciron by Samuel R. Delany

    "Vintage Delany in his finest fantasy mode." -- Ursula K. LeGuin
    The first new fantasy novel in many years by one of the finest gay writers of our time.

    ISBN #0-812-54317-3
    $6.99, Tor mass market

    Trouble and Her Friends

  • Trouble and Her Friends by Melissa Scott

    Winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay SF Novel of 1994

    "A gritty, real-feeling book about sexy women from the punk side of the tracks, empowered by the nets but managing not to be corrupted by power." -- Gwyneth Jones

    ISBN #0-812-52213-3
    $4.99, Tor mass market


  • Wraeththu by Storm Constantine

    The epic trilogy of a future Earth in which a new kind of human has evolved -- beautiful, hermaphroditic, and overwhelmingly powerful.

    ISBN #0-812-89000-1
    $17.95, Orb trade paperback


And that was only mystery and sci-fi. Check out the rest of the Stonewall Inn book finder.


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