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Girljock coverGirljock: The Book

Edited By Roxxie

Who Are These Girljocks and where did they come from?

Long before corporate America discovered women's sports as a potential marketing tool, before ESPN actually started covering the occasional women's event, Girljock was there -- inciting and feeding the frenzy that has become the nation's hottest trend. As the first publication devoted to exploring the mystique of women and sports, Girljock, the magazine, quickly made a name for itself across the country.

Now, Roxxie and her team of contributors have amassed the definitive book with pieces ranging from rock climbing to softball, including cartoons and advice on the proper etiquette required to land your very own girljock-of-your-dreams. Girljock: The Book will show you the joy to be had when sports meets humor meets libido. After all, what fun is standing on the sidelines when enlightenment is a quick read away?

Editor, Roxxie, is the founder and chief editor of Girljock Magazine. Although throughout her life she has been found on many of the playing fields of our sporting nation, she readily admits that in writing she has hit her stride. She still polishes her cardiovascular routines though. Roxxie was also co-editor of Dagger: On Butch Women (Cleis Press) along with Lily Burana and Linnea Due. She lives in San Francisco. Visit the Girljock Web site or drop Roxxie a note.

Table of Contents:

Part One
The Sporting Way

  • In Search of the Rugby Goddess by Maria Vertrano
  • The Grudge Match by Liz Mullen as told to Joan Hilty
  • Wave Obsessions and Surfgirl Revelations by Chela Zabin
  • To the Beach and Back Again by Roxxie
  • Ultimate Thrills by Alison Gallant
  • Taking My Girlfriend Rock Climbing by Susan Fox Rogers
  • Hot Rock Babes Scale Largest Plastic Peak in North America! by Sharon Urquhart
  • Bodybuilding's Secret Workout by Roxxie
  • Putting on the Gloves by Stephanie Rosenbaum
  • The Joy of In-line Skating by Cherie Turner
  • Bees on Ice by Roxxie
  • Gay Gaming: Gay Games IV, New York City by Nancy Boutilier
  • Wrestling New York by Marianne Ijnsen and Dafna Van Delft

Part Two
Welcome to the Arena -- Going 24/7 in Women's Sports

  • All Dinah Shore Golf Action by Roxxie
  • Search and Destroy by Dafna Van Delft
  • The Queens of the Court by Maria Vertrano
  • Tara Vanderveers's All-Female Basketball Fantasy Camp by Roxxie
  • Sunde White, Skateboarder by Pollyanna Whittier
  • Mimi Meets Martina by Mimi-Freed
  • Zlata Holcicka by Joan Hilty
  • Love, Ace, Match: Interview with Martina Navratilova by Heather Findlay
  • Nike's "W" Soccer League by Roxxie
  • No Fear of Flying by Evelyn McDonnell
  • Women Swimmin' by Maria Vertrano
  • Baseball's New Open Season for Women by Roxxie

Part Three
Lifestyle Questions in the Nation of Jogbras

  • The Top 13 Most Highly Unlikely Matchbook Covers by Jackie Weltman
  • How Girljock Are You? by Nancy Boutilier
  • Take Back Tonight: A Coping Guide for Softball Wives by Nancy Boutilier, writing as Nomial Nomenclature
  • Grand Island Assist by Joan Hilty
  • Girl Sloth by Laura Miller
  • Girl Jock Eats Food... by Joan Hilty
  • Long-Haired Lesbians by Roxxie
  • Shaved Glory by Paisley Braddock
  • Is Writing a Sport? by Laz-Y-Girl (Sara Miles)
  • Am I Stuck Up?: The Test
  • How to Be Friendly
  • How to Pick Up a Cyclist, or...If You Like Lycra by Lucy Jane Bledsoe
  • Learning to Brace Yourself Against Tackles and Nonbelievers by Ming Nagel
  • "Excuse Me, Were You Born in a Barn?" by Girljock's Born-in-a-Barn Correspondents
  • Memories of a Grade-School Girljock by Leanne Franson
  • Major Fun by Angela Bocage
  • Femme Jock Corner: Girljock's Answerwoman by Amy Cheney
  • The Big-Monster Cycles of of Life: This One's for Sara Deerheart Woolery by Roxxi

Part Four
Products for Girljocks

  • Nation of Jogbras by Romy Kozak
  • Loving and Leaving Your Jogbras by Stacey Foss
  • Looking for Ms. Goodbar by Laura Miller
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Trading Cards... by Winifred Simon
  • All Workout Video Action by Laura Miller
  • Handbuilt Custom Bikes by Sharon Urquhart
  • Girljock Paper Dolls by Trina Robbins

Part Five
Sex and the Modern Girljock

  • Notes for the Newly Single by Roxxie and the Girljock Crew
  • First and Worst by Joan Hilty
  • Susie Bright on Girljocks: An Interview by Roxxie
  • Georgette's Confession by Georgette One
  • True Transgressive Romances No. 25 by Jackie Weltman
  • From the Sidelines #1 by Robbi Sommers
  • A Dildo's Only as Good as the Woman You Use It With by Anna Livia writing as Jiffy Lube
  • Dear Sports Slut by Alison Gallant
  • The Sauna by Carol Queen
  • From the Sidelines #2 by Robbi Sommers
  • The Cunnilympics by Diane DiMassa

Resource List for Girljocks by Roxxie

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