Science and Psychic Phenomena: the Fall of the House of Skeptics

I recently learned that a book I recommend highly, Parapsychology and the Skeptics, has been re-released under the name Science and Psychic Phenomena: the Fall of the House of Skeptics. The author emailed me that “Most of the book is the same, but a few sections have been rewritten for greater clarity and there is also some new material scattered throughout the book.”

From my review on Amazon: I recently finished a book about parapsychology myself, and I had planned to have a chapter at the end, addressing the fact the the results of the experiments I had written about were never generally accepted (at least not publicly). I quickly realized that the subject was a book in itself, and not a chapter. There isn’t one reason, there are many reasons, and a lot of misinformation and rumor that has been repeated decade after decade that needed to be dispelled.

I read this book and was so happy because now I no longer had to figure out how to accomplish that, Chris Carter already has. He has done an excellent job of addressing every rumor and mistaken assumption one by one and making it accessible to the non-scientist. It’s an interesting subject. As a non-scientist, and someone looking from the outside in, I had always assumed scientists were so rational. But of course they’re human, aren’t they? Carter’s book is must read. Especially for open-minded scientists.

Please Participate in an Online Survey of Psychic Experiences

Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado of Atlantic University asked if I would help put the word out about a new survey of psychic experiences:

“We are interested in learning more about a variety of human experiences, some of which are unusual, but are by no means uncommon in the general population. We are undertaking an online survey to explore individual differences, synesthesia (the tendency for some people to experience two senses together, e.g., colored words or numbers; tasting shapes; spatially organized calendars, etc.), and a variety of anomalous experiences (for example, extrasensory perception).

“We would very much appreciate it if you would take the time to complete this online questionnaire, even if you have never experienced the things described on the questionnaire.

“Please email Dr. Christine Simmonds-Moore, University of West Georgia, if you have any questions about the survey.”

Dr. Gaither Pratt from the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory and a dice machine for testing psychokinesis.

Gaither Pratt and Dice Machine