“… whether or not you believe in such phenomena is irrelevant to your ability to enjoy Horn’s book. It’s an exciting, immaculately researched, complicated answer to a question that has no simple answer: “Do you believe?”

“Readers with an interest in matters Fortean will enjoy the almost novelistic style and Horn’s extensive research. She’s refreshingly without agenda, and offers up lots of fascinating details about the longest and perhaps best study of the “paranormal.” – Rick Kleffel , The Agony Column,, March 17, 2009.

“… the psych research, with its funding battles and ego clashes, is just as fascinating as the ghouls … some of the experiments here, back by scientific fact, will send shivers up readers’ spines.” – Iris Blasi, BUST, April/May, 2009.

“You might not believe all you read in Unbelievable: Investigations Into Ghosts, Poltergeists, Telepathy and Other Unseen Phenomena From the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory, but you’ll be engrossed by the largely forgotten research of the lab, formerly affiliated with Duke University.” – Star Tribune, May 10, 2009.

“… a very well written and thoroughly researched short history of the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory … Stacy Horn’s account is lively, accurate and occasionally funny … a very useful addition to parapsychology history.” – John L. Randall, Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, April, 2009.

“I find that your factual history of Parapsychology is just what I’d hoped it would be.  Unbelievable gives a comprehensive and very interesting account of the scientific studies in Parapsychology. In your research, you have dug out details of the Duke Lab’s history (many of them almost forgotten by me) that I find fascinating. I am convinced that no one could have done a better job of keeping the facts straight while making the story such an interesting one.” – Dr. Elizabeth McMahan (scientist who worked at the former Duke Parapsychology Laboratory).

“… after glancing at a page or two, I was hooked … It’s a good read, almost like a novel, certainly not like a scholarly tome, but quite accurate.  I was fascinated to get an overview of a period that was important in shaping my own career, filling in some blanks in my own knowledge, and recommend Unbelievable.”  – Parapsychologist Charles Tart.

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