Michael Jawer and Sensory Sensitivity

Michael Jewer
Michael Jawer, the co-author of The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion: How Feelings Link the Brain, the Body, and the Sixth Sense has written a serious of blog posts about various conditions which include having heightened reaction to sensory stimuli.

He has a section on Psychology Today called Feeling Too Much: How emotion shapes extraordinary sensitivity, and you can see a list of blog posts like “Children Who Seemingly Remember Past Lives” here. From that post:

“Could there be a mechanism, somewhere between life and death, where memories associated with the struggling person’s circumstances are preserved? It would be akin to the echoes, preserved down the eons, of the Big Bang observable through faint but distinct background radiation. Except in the cases we are considering, the intensity of the person’s feelings – his or her life energy, self-awareness and being – might somehow be captured in a fusion of space and time. This ‘imprint’ might become available for another, nascent life form – not “his” or “her” memories (as in reincarnation) but a transmutation just the same.”

The first in the series is titled, Sensory Sensitivity: An Overlooked Thread.