Psychics for Psychic Research

The Rhine Research Center, formerly the Parapsychology Laboratory of Duke University, has also launched a GoFundMe campaign.

The Project (which they hope will help raise money for the Center): “Using a technique called Associative Remote Viewing, on Monday the psychics describe a target that they will be shown on the following Friday. There are actually two targets that can represent whether a specific investment will go up or down during the week. If the investment went up, the psychics will be shown shown Target 1. If the investment went down, they will be shown Target 2. Depending on which target the psychics describe Monday, the Rhine makes an investment on Monday, predicting what the value will be on Friday when the psychics will be shown the picture representing the ACTUAL status of the investment (up or down).”

“This is a very important project because it will help us to demonstrate the practical value of using psychic abilities in a way that can help everyone in their daily lives. These skills have been scientifically demonstrated in the Rhine labs, and now it is time to show the world that we not only believe in these skills, but also that we are willing to make an investment in people to show these value of these abilities to the entire world.

“This project is scheduled to begin in May, 2017 and run for about 3 months, but the funds are needed for the initial investment. If you join us in this effort and help us to make our goal, not only will you have the gratitude of the Rhine and our world-wide community, but there are also a number of gifts that we would like to offer our contributors.”

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