Where are the polls about belief in the paranormal?

Why are there no new polls about people’s beliefs in the paranormal? I was looking at this 2009 Pew Research Poll titled Ghosts, Fortunetellers, and Communicating With the Dead, and I realized this was the last year I know of for polls of this kind. There was also a Harris Poll that year—in it 42% of the respondents said that they believed in ghosts.  71% said they believed the soul survived death.

Actually, Pew has one which looks at the spiritual beliefs of Hispanics, which include some topics that might be considered paranormal. For instance, 42% believe it is possible to communicate with spiritual beings or saints. There’s a similar chapter about the beliefs of Asians. 41% believe in ancestral spirits.

In any case, it’s certainly time for an updated poll of people’s beliefs and attitudes towards subjects like ghosts, ESP, and reincarnation.

A 1956 picture J. B. Rhine, the original director of the former Parapsychology Laboratory of Duke University.
J. B. Rhine, Parapsychology Laboratory of Duke University