New Book on Life After Death

I guess not so surprisingly given the pandemic and the number of people who have died, I’ve been seeing a lot more written about life after death. This article in the Times about a guy offering a million dollars to anyone who can provide substantial evidence that consciousness survives death was interesting. I followed all the links in this article, by the way, and all those articles were interesting as well.

Michael Prescott has a new book about the subject, The Far Horizon: Perspectives on Life Beyond Death. I trust Stafford Betty’s opinion.

“Michael Prescott’s The Far Horizon is a brilliant meditation on human nature and destiny … Reincarnation cases, deathbed visions, NDEs, apparitions, earthbound spirits, and mediumistic communications form the foundation of his thesis … Reading Prescott was both exciting and humbling: Here was a colleague with perspectives, as far apart as quantum theory and cosmic consciousness, that I had largely ignored in my research on the afterlife, and I found myself taking notes … From beginning to end, an engrossing read.” – Stafford Betty, author of The Afterlife Therapist and Heaven and Hell Unveiled.