Parapsychology and Drugs

“The big new, hot issue these days in many American circles is DRUGS. Have you been tuned in on the noise?” That’s actually from Arthur Koestler’s piece, Return Trip to Nirvana. Koestler and Aldous Huxley were the ones who helped put J. B. Rhine and Timothy Leary together and I write about that in the book.

I wanted to tell another interesting little drug story that I read about in a paper by David Luke.  It’s about an intriguing inadvertent drug/psychic case from 1912.  While deep in the middle of a jungle, a Colonel Morales swallowed the psychoactive alkaloid harmaline, later named telepathine because of its psychic effects.  (I love that name—telepathine.)  Morales had a vision of his dead father and sick sister, except he didn’t know his father had died or that his sister was ill at the time.  They were 15 days from the nearest communications outpost, and Morales wouldn’t get confirmation until the news came by messenger a month later.  It’s a small, isolated incident, yes, but still. Intriguing. 

The picture is of Parapsychology Lab researcher Betty McMahan conducting an ESP test under the influence of a depressant.

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