First Sight by James C. Carpenter

I was very excited to see that Jim Carpenter has come out with a book about ESP. He was one of the scientists I interviewed for my book. Even more exciting was the fact that the Library Journal said the following in their review:

“Recommended for serious readers interested in a scientific theory for parapsychological phenomena that is supported by case studies.”

It’s exciting because the review is objective instead of condescending. Carpenter’s book has garnered a lot of great reviews, but I’m picking this one because the author was in the news so much last year because of his own ESP experiments.

“First Sight: ESP and Parapsychology in Everyday Life is written from James Carpenter’s unique dual perspective as both a respected research scientist and a practicing psychotherapist. It is an exciting and elegantly written book that simultaneously makes a major theoretical contribution to the science of psychic functioning while providing an accurate, non-technical overview of the field accessible to the interested general reader.” — Daryl J. Bem, professor emeritus of psychology, Cornell University

Carpenter has set up a website for his new book here. And you can pick up a copy of first sight here.

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