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“If one believes, as I do, that ESP exists but is scientifically untestable, one must believe that the scope of science is limited.” – Freeman Dyson, in a Foreword to Extraordinary Knowing: Science, Skepticism, and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind, by Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, Ph.D.

I don’t know what to make of this quote by theoretical physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson. Shouldn’t it be, “is scientifically untestable today,” (and I’d add perhaps) and that “the scope of science is limited today“?

Dyson says ESP is untestable because emotion is so inextricably tied to ESP that a controlled scientific experiment for ESP is forever out of our reach.  “The experiment necessarily excludes the human emotions that make ESP possible.”

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  1. You can deduce that ESP exists. You cannot explain, the endemics of conspiracy theorists, of the numbers of infants being born and having, or very quickly developing, gender dysphoria, the tendencies and fact of free speech being steadily taken away, with no one, insufficient numbers of people, objecting, without there being ESP, and it’s a phenomena, in all these acting in a way we can only call, ‘mass mesmerisation’, they cannot be explained.
    And yes, it effects the mind of the foetus.

  2. The ‘untestable’ nature of ESP. If ESP, ‘thought-transference’, exists, between numbers of people, results from tests, experiments, confirming or disproving, will be dependent, upon which people, and how many, and upon how influential their beliefs are, wrt their ‘thought-transference’ abilities, esp, here ‘sending thoughts’, that know the test, experiment is taking place, this means anyone, whether involved in the testing or not, depending then on the numbers who believe ESP does exist, who have no opinion, or believe, it could exist, and the numbers who believe it does not exist.
    This explains why results are rarely consistent.

  3. Just because one is ‘paranoid’, ~doesn’t mean there is not something to fear.
    The endemics of GAD, General Anxiety ‘Disorder’.
    Interesting article, Loughborough University, laborious/ac/uk. ‘Ocean of thoughts, Hiw the brain recognise different patterns
    I propose, ‘brain waves’, frequency and presence of, have been measured in mice, operate something like an orchestra in the brain, if mice and homo-sapien 2.0.
    The case is out as to whether, brain waves, this ‘music’ then, can ‘be heard’, by other minds?

  4. Correction, website, l o b o r o-ac-uk.

    Caution, we are about to enter a period in history, of human understanding, of such immense importance, of unimaginable benefit, to humankind, if the understandings we are moving towards are handled very carefully.
    Very carefully, the work, the progress in understanding is taking place, it seems, in Universities, other, world wide; it is a shared responsibility then. A global alliance.

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