Happy Holidays!

I tried to find a picture with a holiday theme and this was the best I could do. I scanned this at the Rhine Research Center. Or was it at the Special Collections Library at Duke? Now I’m not sure!

But I found the single-mindedness of it charming. What does this image have to do with Christmas? Burke Smith was at the Parapsychology Laboratory in the very beginning, while still a graduate student at Duke University (where he was awarded his PhD in 1947). Smith was involved with the early key experiments, and was a co-author on some of the more important books, including Extra-sensory Perception After 60 Years. He was later Elizabeth McMahan’s advisor at what then was Appalachian State Teachers College, and he was the one who first got Dr. McMahan (aka BettyMac) interested in parapsychology. Smith moved to Charlottesville, Va. in 1961, where he taught at the University of Virginia for two decades. He died on Aug. 23, 1998.


Here is Burke himself.


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