Thank You For Coming to my Presentation!

Two things I have to apologize for!  One, more people showed up than I expected so I’m sorry there weren’t seats for everyone.  Two, I saw a ton of unused bottles of wine after everyone left and I couldn’t figure out why no one drank.  Then I realized people may not have spotted the two cases of wine behind the table waiting to be opened.  I opened a few bottles and figured people could open the rest for themselves, but I don’t think they realized the cases were there.  I’m such an idiot!  I’m sorry!  More after the first pic.

But I really appreciated seeing all your friendly faces in the crowd.  Thank you so much for coming.  The big fear when you have a party is that no one will come, so the turn-out really did my heart good, and it was a great start to my book launch.  Thank you everyone and thank you especially Parapsychology Foundation, the host of the event!

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