Michio Kaku

I’ve been collecting quotes I like. This one comes from theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, and I got it from his book Physics of the Impossible.  He puts telepathy and psychokinesis in the category of things he describes as:  “impossible today, but do not violate the known laws of physics.  So they might be possible in this century, or perhaps the next, in modified form.”

I have to point out that I read Kaku’s book, and when he and Rhine talk about telepathy and psychokinesis, they are not talking about the same thing. They have a different understanding, and this can’t be taken, for instance, as validating the work of the Parapsychology Lab.  In fact, he has a section about their work where he points out problems (I have an answer to every issue he raises, and pretty much all of them are addressed in my book).  But having different ideas and theories is fine.  The point is he has an open mind.  I also saw him speak once and even when he completely disagrees about something he is gracious, and doesn’t feel the need to be hostile and condescending.  I like the guy.

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