Ghostbusters 3

I read this Bill Murray quote a couple of weeks ago. I forget where I read it, but it was one in of those free NYC papers. He was talking about a possible Ghostbusters 3.

“It as just this imaginary thing. Honestly it’s just the studio who wants it to be made. We did a great one and then we did another one. It’s hard to go to the well again. But really, they’d just like us to be sort of alive, but pass it off to new guys. I don’t wake up in a sweat about it, but it’s getting so annoying I might just write the damn thing and get it over with.”

These pictures are from the event I did last year at the 92nd Street Y, when I moderated the questions for Dan Aykroyd and his father Peter.


At the beginning, Dan Aykroyd said he wanted to acknowledge the Ghostbusters in the audience. They looked so happy when he said that to them.


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  1. Loved the original movie. I’ve always wondered if the backpack units used in the movie were inspired by backpack electrofishers. I’ve used the old Smith-Root model VII backpack electrofisher many times. The resemblance is stunning, with many dials and meters, and people have asked “are you some kind of half-assed ghostbuster?”

    some pics of more modern backpack electrofishers:

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