Feedback from one of the Duke Scientists

It was scary sending my book out to the scientists who actually lived the story I did my best to tell. But I got a letter from Dr. Elizabeth McMahan:

“… I find that your factual history of Parapsychology is just what I’d hoped it would be. Unbelievable gives a comprehensive and very interesting account of the scientific studies in Parapsychology. In your research, you have dug out details of the Duke Lab’s history (many of them almost forgotten by me) that I find fascinating.”

“I am convinced that no one could have done a better job of keeping the facts straight while making the story such an interesting one.”

Thank you, BettyMac. (The nickname she was known by at the lab.)

2 thoughts on “Feedback from one of the Duke Scientists

  1. I’m having a great time reading your blog this morning, Stacy. I’ll have to add your book to my loooong list of Must Reads. Don’t worry- I do eventually get to them all.

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