Controlled Remote Viewing Classes at the The Parapsychology Foundation

From the email I received:

“The Parapsychology Foundation will proudly host Controlled Remote Viewing Classes at the Eileen J. Garrett Library, 308 Front Street, Greenport, New York, on May 2-4, 2014. This three day course from 9 – 5 will be taught by Lori Williams, Executive Director of Intuitive Specialists. Trained for 14 years under the tutelage of Lyn Buchanan (a longtime military CRV instructor and author of The Seventh Sense) Lori has worked professionally as a remote viewer in her own right and trained over 600 students from around the world. This comprehensive class ensures a high level of one-on-one instruction.”

For more information call Lori Williams at 806 678-8582, or simply register here.


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