Looking for Stories about the ASPR

I am in touch with someone who is working on a piece about the ASPR, and this person is seeking personal accounts from people who have conducted research, or attempted to conduct research at the ASPR. This person reached out to me because I wrote a frank account of my own attempts to visit the ASPR archives. My post began:

“While I was researching my book about the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory I repeatedly tried to explore the ASPR archives (American Society for Psychical Research) but I was never granted access. For a year and a half they put me off and I finally accepted that they just didn’t want me to see anything. They wouldn’t even tell me what they had. I’ve since learned I’m just one in a long line of people who had similar experiences with the ASPR.”

If you are willing to share your experiences, please let me know and I will forward your email to the person working on the story. Thank you.

I found this picture in the digital archives of the New York Public Library. According to the caption, it’s a wood engraving by Whitney, A. titled The apparition. It was in the December 1883 issue of Harper’s magazine.


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