Medium Busting

This is a picture I found at the Rhine Research Center.  There was no caption or explanation with it, but it looks like a picture debunking a medium or psychic. They’ve clearly caught someone raising a small table which the medium may have claimed was being raised by a spirit.  Tables were so crucial last century (table rising, rapping, etc.).

One thought on “Medium Busting

  1. Dear Tracy. In the contrary! What we see here is the materialised hand/arm of the spirit control “Walter” of the medium MARGERY. The photos were made on one-vs-one-sittings with the engineer and fingerprintexpert Thorogood, who wrote the third part of the ASPR-Proceedings about Margery, a 400 pages report about the evidentiality of “Walters” fingerprints. HEre you see more photos about Margery, even of the row of photos of Thorogood!

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