Sad Letters

I’ve written before about the thousands of letters received at the lab. Many of them were so sad. People sometimes wrote for help the lab couldn’t give, like finding missing children or for assurance that the voices they heard were ghosts and not mental illness. The lab always answered as compassionately as they could and did their best to direct the writers to where real help could be found.

A sample of the letters received follows after this picture of the lab staff at their evening staff meeting, where they would go over their current projects and experiments and the daily mail.

“About five years ago I started hearing someone or something thinking to me, I say thinking because it is not like a voice or a whisper. It is more like my own thoughts, but I know it isn’t … I have adopted a very bright healthy boy and once in the beginning of this, this thought train said I had to choose between my son and my parakeet …”  1958.

“Since September 13, 1962, Diane Y., age seven, and her brother, Mark Y., age two and one-half, have been missing from their home … At first it was thought they may have been taken by a gypsy woman, now many believe they have been murdered. Please advise me …”  1963.

“My brain is two-in-one, uncomplete. New cells are even now in the process of completion, whose function it will be to benefit mankind. Already I have a flexible gristle-type growth within my inner ear and lower part of my brain. With this I receive telepathic messages of earth and spatial origin … you will probably be receiving letters from the Dept. of Defense, and various other sources about me. So be it.”  1959.

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