Morey Bernstein Part 1

Morey Bernstein was a friend of the Rhines, and he’s probably best known for his reincarnation work which he wrote about in his book The Search for Bridey Murphy.  But like many people who are exposed to something unexplained, Bernstein became interested in other areas that fell under the heading of “unexplained.”

A newspaper reporter once wrote that Bernstein looked a little like Frank Sinatra.  Rhine said he had a bit of a tennis player look about him, which to me meant he had that country-club thing going for him.  Rhine wanted Bernstein to work at the lab, but Morey said no.  He recognized that their interest and approach was just too different, and that it never would have worked.

I liked Morey.  Morey was smart.  Like many others, including Rhine, he recognized the importance of emotion in ESP work.  He once asked an artist to design a different set of ESP cards.  This particular set was going to be used for a test with psychic Peter Hurkos so they were on the lurid side.  For instance, “One card pictures an hysterical woman, bleeding from a stab wound—the knife protruding, of course,” Morey wrote to Rhine.  Hurkos agreed to the test, but then never showed up.

More to come.

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