My Last Event for Now

I’m trying to psych myself up to schedule a bunch more, but my last event for now is a panel tomorrow at 6:30 at the New York Public Library called:  Paranormal Mysteries: Ghost Stories, Psychics, Vampires, and Things That Go Bump in the Night.

It’s not in the building with the lions, but the one diagonally across the street at 455 Fifth Avenue, on the 6th floor.

This is me and author MaryElizabeth Williams at an event for her new book called Gimmie Shelter.  I look happy because it’s MaryBeth’s event and she’s the one who has to deliver.  I’m just a regular member of the audience.  (She did a great job, of course.) I’m feeling less pressure for this event tomorrow because I’ll be on a panel with a number of people.  It should be a good one for that very reason — a number of people besides me and I’m feeling relaxed!

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