Dr. Charles Tart is Blogging!

Obviously I’m a fan of blogs, they’re just more dynamic than websites and I love to reading what’s on the minds of people I admire and enjoy and, hopefully, getting an occasional personal glimpse into their lives. From Dr. Tart:

“Too many people in modern life suffer uselessly by denying and repressing their spiritual desires and experiences because they think science has proven that all spirituality is nonsense or crazy.  This book is intended to help them by showing that, using the best kind of science in the field of parapsychology, this materialistic denial of the spiritual is not actually scientific, it’s a dogmatic denial that’s factually wrong, based on a rigid, dismissive philosophy of materialism.  People sometimes show the kinds of qualities we would expect a spiritual being to have when tested in the best kinds of scientific studies.”


He’s talking about his new book, The End of Materialism: How Evidence of the Paranormal Is Bringing Science and Spirit Together.

And, he just started a new blog. For those of you who are not familiar with Dr. Tart, he is “known for his psychological work on the nature of consciousness, particularly altered states of consciousness, as one of the founders of the field of transpersonal psychology, and for his research in parapsychology. His two classic books, Altered States of Consciousness (1969) and Transpersonal Psychologies (1975), were widely used texts that were instrumental in allowing these areas to become part of modern psychology.

He is a Core Faculty Member at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology … and Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the Davis campus of the University of California. He consulted on the original remote viewing research at SRI, where some of his work was important in influencing government policy makers against the deployment of the multi-billion dollar MX missile system.” (I edited that from his online bio.)

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