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I’ve been meaning to post about Dean Radin’s blog Entangled Minds.  (And to add a link to it on the right here.)  I wish he updated it all the time!  But if you go there now and read the last few posts, particularly the one in response to the recent New York Times article about intuition in combat, and the one about witch burning, and the one about how an MSNBC article reports the results of studies about alternative medicine, (and, and, and) you’ll see why it’s worth visiting from time to time.

Also, he points to stuff I might have missed, like Roger Ebert’s article about reincarnation, which I have bookmarked for later. (Who knew?)

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  1. Thanks Stacy. And I’d like to thank you for your fantastic book on the Rhine era. I recommend it to everyone who wants to understand in more detail about the early parapsychological work in the US, and especially to so-called skeptics who all too often buy the myth that nothing worthwhile was discovered or established by their efforts.

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