Pictures of Elizabeth Bullock’s Grave

Nancy Wallace very kindly sent me pictures of the grave of Elizabeth Bullock, whose strange story I tell here. Nancy had grown up nearby and on a recent visit home she drove to the St. Patrick’s Cemetery at Table Bluff and found Elizabeth’s final resting place.

While there she visited with John Davy, who had prepared her grave, and his wife Doris Davey, who was the organist at the church where they conducted Elizabeth’s funeral mass. John was the one who had scratched Elizabeth’s name into the concete base at the bottom of the cross. They told Nancy that “the day after Elizabeth’s ashes arrived by UPS Father Devereaux and an assistant were to go to the small town of Fortuna to pick up the cross. They waited for Father Devereaux to wake up but he slept till after 10:00AM saying that he hadn’t slept well with Elizabeth with him.”

They also said that the following Sunday, when Elizabeth was mentioned at mass, the lights in the church went out and it was so dark Doris couldn’t play.

St. Patrick’s Cemetery at Table Bluff.


The grave of Elizabeth Bullock.


The base and the inscription (it was barely legible, Nancy said).


Another view of Elizabeth’s grave.


A view to the left of the grave. It gives you an idea of how pretty this spot it.


And a view to the right.


Thank you so much for sending me these pictures Nancy, and for allowing me to share them with everybody. I believe the post with the story about Elizabeth Bullock is my most visited post.

3 thoughts on “Pictures of Elizabeth Bullock’s Grave

  1. It is remarkable that the deceased seemingly have the power to create psycho-kinetic effects, especially with electricity, various utilities, and slamming doors and such.

    In the old days psychic phenomena were strictly confined to the province of religion. Since the 1900s science has gotten into the act.

    The problem is that religion often misconstrued phenomena to fit into the religious paradigm, and science simply does not have a basis on which to understand the phenomena beyond classification.

    To my knowledge the esoteric traditions are the only ones that actually offer possible explanations for a lot of this stuff. And as a consequence it doesn’t seem as if a satisfactory explanation will be offered for quite some time, if ever.

    The near death experience suggests that there is a period of 2 or 3 days while the spirit is still connected with the vehicle of vitality — sometimes called the etheric double.

    This etheric counterpart is supposed to be an intermediary stage between the physical body and higher principles. It is supposed to be semi-physical.

    And it is through the medium of this vehicle of vitality that effects are orchestrated.

    However, to the best of my knowledge science does not recognize anything like an etheric double, and religion, to my knowledge, never offered a theological explanation.

    So as so often happens, we are stuck with esoteric explanations (some of which are very foolish and some very intelligent) until something else comes along.

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