Sad Letters to the Lab

I’ve written before about the many sad letters that would arrive at the lab every day.  Every time I read one I wondered how the scientists would manage to come up with a compassionate response to them, or if they would answer them at all. They always did though.

Here is an example of one of the letters they would respond to.

My Dear Dr. Rhine:

I have read a good deal about your experiments in psychic phenomena (or parapsychology), but I don’t think you’re getting anywhere near the truth until my own case is exposed completely and the scientific oligarchy that rules the United States by “human farming” is exposed and stopped.  I was brutally experimented on years ago and I pray and work for exposal.  This scientific gang deliberately produces fake phenomena by remote control using ultrasonics, microwaves, pulse modulation, etc.

After Franklin Roosevelt was inaugurated, I was broken down by government scientists (undoubtedly) by remote control using sound waves.  They used also what I call “mental telephony” on me and projected images by remote control to members of my own family.  I was reduced to poverty, forced into a state hospital because I was penniless, where they produced over a hundred heart attacks by remote control until my heart valves were defunct, then they kept me alive by pulse modulation (sound wave pressure) for years.  I had all kinds of things done to me and was attacked in four different states.

I am just a living dead woman and I know there are no spirits nor anything left after death, and some of your experiments under the circumstances are useless fakes.  You can’t experiment with parapsychology properly until the atmosphere of the United States and the world is cleared of remote control experiments by science by ultrasonics on human brains and material objects.

Why don’t you work for exposal of this gang who victimized me, if you expect to make any genuine progress in your experiments?  Otherwise, how can you know genuine results from the false?  Please acknowledge this at least.

2 thoughts on “Sad Letters to the Lab

  1. Stacy, that letter is very sad. Do you have any examples of the sort of responses that were given? I can’t imagine having to answer such correspondence on a regular basis.

    I’ve often wondered how anyone could tell the difference between someone having a true psychic or mystical experience, and someone who is mentally ill. In this case it seems very obvious, but I imagine that not all of the correspondence was so obviously from someone pathological.

  2. I do have examples, I’ll dig one up one of these days. But their responses were always very careful and compassionate and in very obvious cases, they would gently suggest the writer talk to their family or their doctor about whatever they were writing about. In less obvious cases they would again be gentle and say something along the lines of this was not an area they were pursuing.

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