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There’s a few things I wanted to post about today. First, this new book, Queer Hauntings: True Tales of Gay and Lesbian Ghosts by Ken Summers. So many ghost books seem to just retread the same material we’ve heard about again and again, so it’s great to see something that looks so completely new! Also, I addressed this a couple of times in my book, but not in depth and I hope Ken gets more into it in his, but there’s a connection, at least some of the time, between the paranormal and sex. You can visit Ken’s blog here.

Second, I went to Michael Jawer’s lecture about his new book (with Marc Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D.), The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion, and I was really impressed. I mean really seriously impressed. J. B. Rhine and the scientists at the lab (and Eileen Garrett) recognized that emotion was a factor in their ESP experiments. Years later physicist Freeman Dyson went so far as to say that he believed ESP is real, but would be forever out of reach of science because “The experiment necessarily excludes the human emotions that make ESP possible.” I haven’t read the book yet, but it focuses on the science of emotion. Which, by the way, Jawer said was not even a valid area of study until recently, but apparent now it’s all the rage. We really need like a grand unification theory of emotion, consciousness, the body and the brain, and it looks like this book is a start. There’s a website for the book here.

Last! The New York Post sent a couple of ghost hunters to the Morris-Jumel Mansion, the site of a famous haunting (which I’ve written about, too). One of the investigators I know, Dan Sturges, who hosted a lecture of mine recently.

I wanted to recommend checking out the video of their visit. It’s fun! And they got an EVP! I think the link for that may only be in the article which you can find here.

2 thoughts on “A Few Things …

  1. Alas, I feel Loyd’s pain… you left the “s” off my name! No worries… it’s the second time this year. I’m a season. Who knew?

    I did read about Rhine’s gay-friendly attitude and that was intriguing. Then again, I own a deck of Zener cards dating back to the radio experiments as well as one of his old books. Unfortunately, I didn’t delve into Rhine more, but I’ve been researching for another possible book (including Eileen Garrett and several others). I seriously loved your book and it was a good help in inspiring me on during a rough patch with deadlines breathing down my neck.

    Still, thank you for the mention. It’s a true honor, given how much I love NPR. 🙂

  2. Oh God. I can’t believe I did it again with someone’s name. I’m sorry. And that’s exciting about the book you’re researching. I’d love to hear more about it!

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