Testing Groups for ESP

The scientists at the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory pretty much tested every group they could think of for ESP.  The picture below is from a series they did testing blind children.  The caption reads:  The subject is trying to match sealed ESP cards to key cards with raised symbols.  Rhine’s conclusions from his book Frontier Science of the Mind:

“Groups of blind children have yielded results that compared with those of seeing children of the same age … while no group of any size has been found completely devoid of capacity to demonstrate ESP, at the same time no subdivision of the human species has been found to stand out in any really distinctive way as either possessing superior psi powers or superior control over them.”


2 thoughts on “Testing Groups for ESP

  1. Where do you get such cool stuff?!?
    Initially, I thought that the blind students would have had heightened sensitivities. That doesn’t seem to be the case, does it?

  2. No! I was surprised too. And I got a lot of the pictures I have from the Rhine Research Center. They let me go through their archives and scan. I’d love to go back and scan some more.

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